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Asda price check service previoulsy let you see how much shopping items cost but now the price guarantee goes one better!! promotion, For the first time ever, if your grocery shopping could have cost you less elsewhere they will give you back the full difference as a refund in the form of money of vouchers for comparable shopping items up to a maximum of £25 each month!!

Just go to comparison tables and see how much your groceries would have cost at Sainsburys, Tescos or Morrisons and if you have overpaid, just claim back the difference within 28 days!! clothing range offers, Take a look at the new Asda George clothing range or entertainment products such as discounted books, DVDs, Bluray discs, DVD players and HD Ready TVs and find some of the best value shopping products from any UK supermarket online with free delivery to your home from the comfort of your living room in your house.

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43 Responses to “ - New Price Guarantee !!”

  1. David Morrison says:

    Just went to your price guarantee site, entered my receipt details and after saying it was entering my details it just went back to the same page. Did it again with same result.

  2. kate moseley says:

    Every time i go on and enter my receipt details the Asda Price Check Guarantee website is temporarily not working, I have tried at different times of the day over the past few weeks and different receipts too!

  3. mrs bernadette mcdonald says:

    every time i put my receipt details in it says they don’t recognize them and i have check them twice and know they are right

  4. angela moore says:

    i have entered my online order details every week for the last six or seven weeks each time says temporary out of order, i have emailed three times regarding this still not working, surely this is unfair trading when you promise something and dont fulfill your promise.

  5. Kenneth Allan says:

    just followed required questions only to be told receipt not recognised. checked thrice more with same result. is it a con?

  6. Colin O'Connor says:

    I have entered my receipt details for Saturday 25/6/11 correctly at least 7 times today but each time your system reports it can’t find the data (match). I have used the system correctly a number of times before without any problem. This receipt is very clear so there is no possible misinterpretation of the digits. Is it possible that the data you use has been corrupted?

  7. jill hammond says:

    looks like I am not the only one this has happened to. Have tried several times to price check my receipt

  8. Christine johnson says:

    Tried for 48hrs still received receipt not recognised alert. This site simply does not work.

  9. Arthur Sansom says:

    Why do I keep getting the message that I do not have eight or more items on my receipt, when on two occasions I have had 9, and today I had 11? I checked the categories, too, and they are correct.

  10. May Waters says:

    I have been trying for three weeks to get access to this site and each time it is temporary problem ‘Please try again soon’ This is just a farce and something should be done.

  11. May Waters says:

    Why is it when I take my receipts into my local store they have access everytime? Why advertise if you can never get a result?

  12. Mary Lawrence says:

    every time i enter my reciepts the screen always says that your computers are down and to try again later but later never comes.

  13. JANICE NOTT says:

    always done APG check but found lately it is difficult to get onto the site, then when i do i am told to try again later because they are having problems !!!!!!!!

  14. Eric Nelson says:

    I am aware that you charge online at store prices. However the order delivered today contained several items offered at reduced prices all of which had been priced at instore prices, the effect being that my bill was about £9 more than expected. This was quite a shock. I feel that there should be a protection offer for the customer. I was initialy tempted to send them all back. The practical answer may be keep your driver waiting until every price is checked. This is, of course as much a pain to me as it would be to the driver.

  15. susan says:

    hi purchased a bacon and cheese quiche. ah. can i just say.. i thought it was very tasteless. it tasted of nothing.. fair enough it only cost a pound.. i would say i always like to try a variety of things,, but so disappointed. with this product, many thanks sue

  16. sarah knight says:

    Was told its as easy as pie to claim my £5-00 voucher after spending the £40-00 required have been trying all weekend and when entered all the details it just keeps saying not valid after a dozen or so times trying have given up

  17. c mulvihill says:

    every time i log onto the site it does not recognise me and will not let me register again, i am losing out i think!

  18. Colin Pickering says:

    Every time I try accessing the page all I get is website cannot display the page? will be tackling the service desk next week.

  19. sharon tyler says:

    i have tried on numerous occassions to check the price guarantee on my laptop it comes up, temporary problem please try later, i am fed up with trying why make a price promise when you clearly cannot check details, its a waste of time and im missing out on the vouchers. totally unfair

  20. Cyril Robinson says:

    Argos are a joke as far as this promotion is concerned. Try getting on to the site to register for this it is an impossibility. My advice to everyone go to Tescos where their offers are genuine!! Even Sainsburys have genuine offers!!

  21. Phil Cooper says:

    On 26 Oct I complied with the requirements of the ASDA Price Guarantee offer - 8 items purchased which are within scope of the offer and 1 which is comparable on the website. I bought 10 items (3 of which were part of triple offer - so 8 individual grocery items) 6 of which were comparable. When I entered the details in the website the day after the purchase, the computer said I didn’t have enough comparable items. I rang the local store (there are no other contact methods on the website) and was told by a “manager” that I nothing could be done without my taking the receipt to the store but would be contacted within 2 days by the Customer Services Manager. This didn’t happen and I went on my weekly trip to Andover and asked at the Service Desk for the problem to be resolved. I had to wait 15 mins for the CSM. She took me to a laptop which was set up in the store and the receipt was rejected again. I was told repeatedly that the offer required 8 comparable items, despite my showing them a downloaded set of T&Cs and on 2 occasions that I hadn’t purchased enough items. The CSM told me she couldn’t resolve the problem as the scheme wasn’t run by ASDA. When I offered her a set of print outs from the comparison site showing the items and the price differences and asked her to check them she said it wasn’t her job. She eventually called the Assistant Store Manager who again tried to tell me that I required 8 comparable items, I showed him the T&Cs. He promised to get back to me later that day or the next day he was on duty. He did ring later that day and again told me that I needed 8 comparable items and that the T&Cs I had covered another offer. I pointed him to the website with the T&Cs he then promised to get back to me by the end of the week. This didn’t happen. I rang again today and was told that the matter had been passed to Head Office where a team was working on queries, when I asked if this meant there were many queries he told me I would have to wait until Head Office got back to him.

  22. maureen thompson says:

    couldnt get satisfaction on line so took receipt to asda and they did it on their machine i spent over £40.00 and got a voucher for 19 pence back it wouldnt print the £5.00 one. i have spent over £80.00 this week i wonder what i will get this week or is it a waste of time.

  23. joseph says:

    i hope you carry on with this price checker promotion

  24. joseph says:

    i never have any problems with geting my voucher

  25. joseph says:

    we shop every week at asda even before this promotion and with this 5 pounds taken off is a good idea.

  26. dai jones says:

    trying every week does not work

  27. Bill James says:

    I have been trying to access this website since 1900 hrs yesterday and cannot get in.

  28. anita says:

    tried 3 times today, 18.11.11. checked prices says its cheaper but No £5 voucher, just keeps going back to the same page, fill it in and the same happens again. WHAT’S THE POINT!

  29. Alison Vaughan says:

    I CAN’T print off my £5 voucher this week. have done it before, but NO luck this time. Please let me know if there is a fault your end. Thanks.

  30. Kathy Sorensen says:

    I have tried on several occasions to do the price check and its always broken.

  31. mr w.dodds says:

    had trouble with my asda savings card. i had asked the lady on the till on the 18th of aug 2011 to take my savings up to the maximum. i then put my card away until nov 25th. i then gave my card to the lady on the till and asked to add the bonus to make it up to £150. unfortunately this did not happen because my balance had only been increased to £140 NOT THE MAXIMUM OF £144. WHEN PAYING THE BILL ON THE 18TH AUG 2011 I DID NOT CHECQUE THE AMOUNT THAT HAD BEEN PAID INTO MY SAVINGS ACCOUNT. I TRUSTED THE LADY ON THE TILL. AFTER SEEING CUSTOMER SERVICES WHO WOULD NOT DO ANYTHING. I CONTACTED THE STORE MANAGER WHO PUT THINGS RIGHT TO MY SATISFACTION. IN MY OPINION IT WOULD ONLY TAKE 2 MINUTES TO NOTIFY THE STAFF ON THE TILLS THAT THE LIMIT IS £144 NOT £140

  32. Yvonne Macrae says:

    I feel asda is naughty with this offer, you first of all have to spend £40 to get £5 voucher that you have to print yourself, why cant they just print it off with your receipt at the checkout like other major supermarkets do? Then you have do spend another £40 to spend the £5 and you are only aloud to use one £5 voucher for each £40 spend. I think this is just to make more money out of us mere mortals at this time of year.

  33. shirley says:

    not excepting my receipt details again!!
    Why when customers spend over £40.00 the checkout operator just hands over a £5.00 gift voucher?? What could be more easier??

  34. michellewhitehouse says:

    i like shopping at ADSA as it is the best for me and my family and it is cheaper than any other stores

  35. michellewhitehouse says:

    i like shoping at asda as it is very good food and its very good for clothes and it is very cheap and it save you money on a lot of things in store

  36. mrs p higginson says:

    I am trying to obtain my 5.00 bonus after spending over 40 pounds in November, I visited the store again 21.12.11 I was told to enter it on line (which I was not told to when I was given the voucher (customer svs were closed). I have been on line now and put no. 03504 (6.11.11) and hope I haven’t lost the offer as there were no time limit on it. I produced my receipt and voucher so why all this performance as I followed the 3-steps stated. I am a pensioner and 5pounds is a lot to me. I await any response and reply thank you. Mrs P. Higginson.

  37. Janet Fletcher says:

    every time i log onto i am informed that the site is not running WHY ??????

  38. Georgina baker says:

    My shopping bill on 5/04/12 was £61,07 and I was handed what I Believed was a voucher for £5 off my next purchase. At my next visit on 21/04/12 after spending £59,30 I presented the voucher / flyer at the checkout to be told I was not giving the correct voucher. I was cross and went home to check. I found the whole process most confusing and consider it sharp practice.

  39. Pat Thomson says:

    On checking price guarantee for order 9466150 I was due £2.05 refund. How do you actually get the refund voucher? Now I cannot check for receit 9729571. All very confusing. Where is this £5 voucher others write about?

  40. vicki harper says:

    Can’t even get to the page to enter receipt details, why never had a problem before, as others have said why don’t you give a vouchure at the till is is because you hope some customers won’t use them

  41. peter shepherd says:

    i keep entering my receipt details and it keeps coming up with my supermarket and does not come with compared prices.

  42. elaine says:

    I too keep trying to enter my details for my £5 voucher and it just isnt working..why did you not just give your faithfull shoppers the £5 voucher at the shop after they have paid their bill…this has got to be a halloween trick!!!!!!!!

  43. M Davenport says:

    Will not recognise my barcode number. I have done this successfully several times before but not this time.

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