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British Gas better deal gives you a FREE energysmart monitor and saves you £150 allowing you to measure your electricity energy use in real time which helps you become more efficient in order to save even more money on your energy bills. Simply click through the orange link button below to claim your free British Gas Energy Smart Monitor and save £150 with this online deal today!!

EnergySmart is a revolution in energy efficiency with no more estimated bills as the 100% accurate electricity use is shown on the monitor and online in real time letting you fully manage your home energy bills and reduce your energy consumption and therefore monthly bills. By managing your energy usage online, you will be able to see exactly what you’re using and paying for each month, helping you cut back and save money in the future.

What’s more, with Britishgas EnergySmart electricity monitor you only pay for energy you use, save up to £150 and receive the home electricity energy monitor free of charge. deal, You can then track your energy use online in real time and see where you can cut back on power usage and compare your energy use to what you used last year, month by month.

This new British Gas better online deal is available to both new and existing customers. offer, So click through the orange link button below to grab this great value offer today before it’s too late!!

British Gas offers to put the customer first all the time. Their new charter means that you can call them for FREE with freephone numbers now used when you call the British Gas call centres. With over 9,000 customer service advisors in the UK, you are guaranteed to get expert help at all times. With a 24/7 UK manned call centre British Gas offer technical support and free phone helpline all through the day and night if you have an urgent emergency boiler breakdown or appliance breakdown.

The fully trained call centre staff can diagnose and solve simple faults over the phone or send an urgent Gas Safe registered engineer to your home quickly. If a gas engineer, plumber or electrician is despatched to your home theyare committed to call you when they’re on their way, so you can get on with the rest of your day. Now that’s service!! Plus as they use the latest problem solving technology they’re better equipped to do complete repairs on their very first visit!!

British Gas Homecare are offering their gas boiler and central heating protection plans with the first month free at the moment, so if you’re not protected take a HomeCare plan out online today for the best deal and have full peace of mind knowing you and your family is safe which comes with a free gas boiler service and safety check each year and every repair is free of charge with no labour or parts charge either!! HomeCare protection plans start from under £10 a month so it really does make sense to get protected online today.

What’s more, you can save up to £802 on a new boiler or even £1102 saving if you are over 65 years of age on a new A rated energy efficient gas boiler. energy monitor, There are so many online deals and special offers so take a look today and claim your free Energy Smart monitor online today and view all the other amazing new deals and energy dual fuel tariffs such as British Gas online Websaver 4 cheap gas and electricty deals!!

Simply click through the orange link button below to claim your FREE energy monitor and save money on HomeCare or a new gas boiler and/or central heating system from the UK gas and electricity experts!!!

10 Responses to “ Deal - FREE EnergySmart Monitor”

  1. Mr H. G. Benson says:

    I have received a british gas electricity monitor but I can not get past ‘CLOC’ when I press both the Up & Down buttons at the same time, I can not find the word ‘pair’.
    what should I do now ???
    Best regards
    H. G. Benson

  2. Stewart Anderson says:

    I am a longstanding BG customer, trying to order the free energy monitor.Your orange link will not open a link on my computer, though the tool bar states “Done”.
    Help, please!

  3. We have checked the link through the better orange link button and it is working fine, please try again to get your free electricity monitor and a better deal from British Gas

  4. Mr MJ.Baxendine says:

    Dear Sirs, I have today received my free Electricty Monitor thank you. But due to some very rough handling in the post resulting in the package being extensively damaged the units will not communicate with one another. I have tried new batteries to no avail and consider that it is probably the sender unit as the battery retaining door at the bottom was broken.Would it be possible for a replacement as I was looking forward to making use of this monitor to keep an eye on my consumption ? Thank You:- Mr.M.J.Baxendine.

  5. Mary Dickson says:

    After receiving my energy monitor,3 days later it started playing up and does not appear to be working properly. Was hoping that this was the start to me being responsible for my energy costs but i cant do this due to faulty equipment. Mrs M Dickson

  6. Maria Hart says:

    I have tried to make my energy smart monitor start and the word pair does not appear on the monitor. Perhaps you sent me a malfunctioning one?
    The phone line is not working and I have no other way to communicate with you

  7. anna mcmahon says:

    Having the same problem as stuart anderson; after clicking the orange link button to claim my free British Gas Energy Smart Monitor but your orange link will not open a link on my computer!

  8. alan watts says:

    more older british people will die of cold this year than anything else, if you realy want to help old age pensioners, ( over 65’s ), then give us 10% of your obscene profits and you will save lives.

  9. msmallwood says:

    You will only help people if they have both electric and gas for the smartmeter, what if they still would like one but they don’t have electric and why don’t you help people with disabilities they need heating just as much as the over 65’s

  10. mrs j churcher says:

    I am seriously thinking of changing my gas / elec. supplier, my last gas bill from you was really appalling, I have a new boiler and thermo; rads yet the bills are so high I cant afford to put the heating on and go cold most of the time. I am disabled through a lung disorder and need to be warm. The price tariff was changed by you on my last bill without my consent, and after monthly payments of 25 pounds I was still left owing yet another 135 pounds and my home is not at all warm, explain that one because I cant.

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Did you mean? the proper address, deals, or perhaps even as, offers, also known as, offer and of course as, monitor and finally referred to as, energysmart monitor. You can now save £150 with a free British Gas Energy Smart Electricity Monitor and measure your electricity energy use in real time and become more efficient as you can work out how to reduce your electricity energy consumption in real time and manage your bills online for a better energy package, be it dual fuel, electricity or gas only. The saving of £150 using EnergySmart, you can cut your energy bills by an average of £110 a year. Plus, you'll get an additional £40 introductory discount when you sign up to dual fuel. Simply click the orange link button above to claim your free British Gas EnergySmart monitor and save £150 today!!

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