- British Gas Booking One-Off Fixed Price Boiler Service & Safety Inspection Special Offer

Hurry and take full advantage of the new British Gas Booking One-Off Fixed Price Boiler Service and Safety Inspection Special Offer online today and pay just £59 for complete peace of mind!! For just £59, discounted by 25% from the original gas boiler service price you can ensure that your boiler is running efficiently and safely, protecting you and your family. If you prefer to have a boiler service contract then apply online today for British Gas HomeCare offer with monthly premiums starting from just £3 a month. With 10% money off at the moment, never has there been a better time to buy complete boiler protection!!

Simply click through the orange link button below to make a one-off online boiler service booking or to buy a discounted HomeCare boiler and central heating protection plan!!

If you need a new boiler, then look no further than British Gas boiler offer, with up to £1,102 off a brand new energy efficient boiler and central heating controls, including radiators and pipes. As standard you will save £802, and if you are over age 60 you can save an extra £300, making a total boiler saving of £1,102!! With so many new British Gas online deals for new electricity or gas boilers and discounts off boiler controls and radiators you can save so much money and benefit from a fixed price quote which will not change even if the job is more difficult than first thought. Plus with highly trained Gas Safe engineers, you can rest assured of a quick and high quality fit into the bargain.

Lastly if you are over 70 or receiving any of the many different state benefits you can receive FREE home insulation with the new online British Gas free insulation offer as seen in the Daily Mirror, Daily Star, The Sun and Daily Mail and Express newspapers. The free insulation deal includes free loft and wall insulation., Click through the orange link button below to see if you qualify for this limited time offer today!!

Simply click through the orange link button below to see all the latest British Gas special offers and online deals including those listed above and save money today!!!

139 Responses to “ - British Gas Booking One-Off Fixed Price Boiler Service & Safety Inspection Special Offer”

  1. A.W.West says:

    Cant book service online- waste of time- phone
    service seems also ‘not available’
    waited 5 mins. on phone after being cut-off first time

  2. Mr M Catterall says:

    Not able to book 2 hour slot online. Cannot enter unique ref. no 717XXXX or postcode. Why?

  3. Mrs M Berry says:

    Not able to book 2 hr slot on line. No where to enter reference number or postcode. Help!!!

  4. b. verge says:

    waste of my time cannot book two hour slot for service on boiler, web site unresponsive

  5. G Hammond says:

    Cannot access on line booking. Account for service check not shown. Why offer a service that cannot be used?

  6. A.Noronha says:

    Cannot access on line booking. Wasted half an hour. Web site not responsive.

  7. Tony Jelley says:

    have spent 45 minutes trying to book service on line. Offered service appears unavailable.

  8. J Shaw says:

    No where to put the reference no or postcode!

  9. derrick says:

    I have been trying to book my annual service call by phone and on-line for the past 2 days. This has proved to be impossible - the website is ‘currently not available’ and the phone contact ask me to ring back. This is extremely poor customer service AND you have increased my premium by a large amount this year!! I shall not be renewing my service agreement with you in the future.

  10. bill says:

    Can’t get through on the phone and the on line service is unresponsive. A waste of time, an absolute shambles of a service from BG online.

  11. Mrs Sowah says:

    Very poor service cant get through on the phone and a lost course on the internet

  12. mr d.p.jones says:

    the usual BG Sevice ! when are the promises and reassurances going to be implemented ? it seems that, once a complaint has been made, you carry on in the same old way. disgraceful! GET A GRIP! PLEASE.

  13. mr d.p.jones says:

    same old british gas service! get a grip, please!

  14. Doug Eeles says:

    Cannot get through on phone or on telephone line. Cannot check on follow up to my call out. Waited 7 hrs already. Poor service.

  15. Mrs Green says:

    cannot get through on phone cannot get onto web page, what is the answer please, very unhappy.

  16. Mrs Green says:

    very happy with service, cannot get through to make a new booking on line or telephone to have my annual boiler service

  17. mike sleight says:

    I agree with all the above, waited on phone for 30 mins , just getting all the adverts stating how good britsh gas is–thats a joke. Cannot get on line when pressing orange block, site not available. I’m trying to get cover for my boiler, will have to go elsewhere

  18. Mrs Fowler says:

    I have been trying to get in touch with BG even before the notification was sent. Last year I had my boiler inspection as early as September, this year letter arrived yesterday 19th October, Have been trying to contact them through telephone / online without any joy - waste of precious time. Will be going elsewhere and cancel existing agreement. - Sub standard service.

  19. Sylvia Patullo says:

    Been trying to book Annual Service tried by ‘phone told me very busy try website under review what do I do to book our annual service?

  20. Keith Gelling says:

    Have been trying for three days to access web page, in order to book annual service for my father in law. B.G are a joke, and should be avoided when considering service and installation

  21. mr phillips says:

    Had a previous booking for a boiler service which was then cancelled by BG after my wife had booked that time off work. Customer service not interested and not able to give me another appointment. Disgraceful attitude and behaviour will not be renewing with BG.

  22. Mr raja says:

    I am surprised nothing is being done to improve British gas online booking response after all these complaints. I agree complete waste of time no phone response and no where to put the unique reference no. why waste our time if one cant book these services online?

  23. Syd Harrison says:

    Our local hotel can do better ICT than BG; £multi-billion turnover and massive manager bonus payers! A MONOPOLY WITH NO CONSCIENCE. I’ll try the phone??!

  24. susan vernon says:

    Can’t book an appointment to have my boiler serviced. Wasted 20 mins trying to do this. Totally agree with other comments about this.

  25. R. Hawkshaw says:

    What is it with British Gas online who claim it’s so simple to book a boiler service online when it isn’t. Would they please ring or email me and we’ll try that way?

  26. T HOLLYWELL says:

    Agree. Why state in annual service letter that you can use online booking system when you obviously can’t.

  27. MR W Foster says:

    I Have just spent 40mins on line trying to book my annual service, no access to booking system, why write to me asking me to book when there is no access to the site. i shall be looking to change my gas to a more efficient supplier, you should join the government, your about on par with each other when it comes to keeping promises.

  28. michele lawrence says:

    i have tried to make a online booking for my elderly neighbours boiler with no luck, nowhere to put unique reference number, also tried phone to no avail, please bg if ur offering a service to people at least make sure u have to software on your site to accomodate people. I will be advising my neighbour to look elsewhere .. its disgraceful !!!

  29. michele lawrence says:

    discraceful bg nowhere to add unique booking reference number to book a service for my neighbour boiler and central heating system. think bg need to sort their online software out before offering online booking facility.

  30. d.g.adams says:

    why offer bookings on line when it dont work phones dont get answered, if it was a new boiler bet you would answer then, will be caneling my direct debet with British Gas

  31. M.A.Joyce says:

    Booked annual service within five minutes! Absolutely no problem!

  32. Bernice Cooper says:

    I can’t book an appointment on this system will call & make an appointment & complaint at the same time

  33. W. Francis says:

    Have been trying for weeks to book a service. Fully booked is the usual response. Received lletter with unique reference number but same response. Should I cancel my contract?

  34. R Elliott says:

    I can’t book on line this is a waste of time.
    Will not exept ref number.
    Shall not bother again waste of my time.

  35. david m france says:

    Tried for 3 weeks to book an annual service on line- total waste of time.Tried to book over the phone-total waste of time,told by annoying robot voice it was quick and easier to book on line-how? Will be cancelling my contract when I can get through to a human being!

  36. Brian Thomas says:

    I have had 2 reminders to book my annual service, I have tried the web site NO SLOTS of either option. I have tried all the numbers all options Long waits !!!
    I think I will write a Letter???,

  37. Stuart Bladon says:

    It’s hopeless - have been trying for three weeks to make a booking for service, and I get ‘Half day bookings are full, try 2-hour bookings’. I then try that and get ‘all our 2-hour bookings are full try half day bookings’. and round and round it goes!

  38. wumi says:

    unable to book via phone or web.your charges are too high.Not a happy customer.

  39. j.Wheeldon says:

    for the 3 times I wasted my time trying to book a service call on line I think this is a joke. Why send reminders with a special nr. which is a waste of time. As being told that there was nobody free to fix a leaking valve and then two so called engineers turn up and it took take note the two of them 1hour and 30 min to fix a leaking valve in my airing cupboard, a very unhappy customer !!!!!!!!!!

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