- British Gas Nectar Points FREE

Hurry and register for free nectar points as a welcome gift and earn up to 1,800 nectar points each and every year when you submit quarterly meter readings at British Gas online!!

With 100 free nectar points just for registering, there has never been a better time to earn free nectar points just for paying your home energy bill every month!! There are many ways to collect extra bonus nectar points too!!

Simply click through the orange link button below to claim your free welcome points and to earn nectar points each month when you pay your gas and electricity bill and earn extra nectar points if you apply for British Gas HomeCare or buy a new gas boiler!!

Just being an existing British Gas customer entitles you to claim free nectar points worth up to 1,800 points per year. However, you can earn bonus points by paying by direct debit mandate, ( DDM ), worth 800 points, switch to paperless billing worth 250 points, submit quarterly meter readings worth 400 points, book an annual boiler service worth 200 point or book a boiler repair home visit worth 200 points!! You even get 200 bonus nectar points just for taking out or switching to a British Gas dual fuel online tariff!!

You get to collect free points for each energy or maintenance and repair account you have with British Gas. With 200 points for gas or electricity tariffs and 400 bonus points to collect for dual fuel tariffs, it is best you have your gas and electricity with one supplier for maximum points and online discounts on energy unit prices and rates. promotion online, You also receive 200 additional points if you take out HomeCare 100 or 200 and 600 extra points if you apply for HomeCare 400!!

Simply click through the orange link button below to complete the British Gas Nectar Points Registration process and start earning nectar points from today!! Switch to British Gas dual fuel websave 10 for additional tariff discounts online and save money on your home energy bill, plus get bonus pointswhen you buy any HomeCare policy which protects your boiler with free parts and labour repairs!! If you live in Scotland click below for Scottish Gas Nectar Link registration too!!

69 Responses to “ - British Gas Nectar Points FREE”

  1. Sam Sharma says:

    12/03/2012 at 17:40. Unable to register Nectar points with British Gas internet site on both gas and electricty.

  2. Mr J Turnbull says:

    unable to register for Necter points due to my email address not being accepted by British Gas Nector points

  3. MR&MRS CATER says:

    unable to register nectar points, long standing customers will not accept us. Cannot complete nectar points registration to link to our gas and electricity account. Please advise how to register nectar points to our account

  4. mick edwards says:

    unable to register for nectar points online

  5. J Nevins says:

    Unable to register for Nectar points on line for annual servicing. Have had a service contract for many years.

  6. joy ekezie says:

    like to register to collect free Nectar points through British Gas online nectar registration

  7. daphne hall says:

    not able to register for nectar points online. registration not accessable on the British Gas internet site. why?

  8. P.Beddison says:

    I already have gas & electricity account plus service contract which we’ve had for many years, but unable to register for nectar points online. Why?

  9. Helen.O says:

    unable to register for nectar point though I have got nectar card with sainsburys. Can that be used for the britishgas nectar points registration online ?

  10. Jenkins says:

    Poor website - far too much information and couldn’t register for nectar points online

  11. M Keefe says:

    Could not add my voucher from Sainsbury”s … Nectar points 2,400 for supplying meter reading ??

  12. elaine says:

    trying to register nectar points not letting me why

  13. Mrs Eileen Simonis says:

    We have just appointed British Gas to supply our electricity as well as gas. Paying both by direct debit. Nectar card No. 98263000 6308XXXXXXXX, letter ref. LOY/CRD/CNP1 Pllease, YOU advise department as apperantly I do not know my own e-mail address.

  14. Mrs Eileen Simonis says:

    The term “update does not show how to tell you!!
    See letter ref.LOY/CRD/CNP1 Thank you!

  15. Mrs Eileen Simonis says:

    your letter LOY/CRD/CNP1 DATED 15 July
    our Nectar card number is
    9826 3000 63086 91XXXX
    I really really do not know what else I can tell.
    customer no. 85 00 01 65 XXXX
    To be quite clear this is our very last effort if you should close our nectar a/c we will close our bg a/c

  16. I.M.Challis says:

    I have no nectar card but plenty of points so what can I do to get a card?

  17. Mrs H Fagan says:

    Card 9826300 31800585 XXXX is now invalid, new card No. is 9826300 68587963 XXXX, please allocate points to this card in future

  18. Ann Firman says:

    Trying in vain to advise my Nectar point no. Website doesn’t work and telephone no. Says it can’t register me at this time. Had received two letters from british gas but am unable to register. I don’t want to lose my points already accrued and don’t know what else to do. Frustrated customer

  19. patricia gray says:

    Tried to inform you of my Nectar card number to register for points but was unable to do so, website wasn’t accepting it.

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Did you mean the new British Gas free nectar points registration promotion as seen at, promotion online, or perhaps even as, welcome points free of charge, also known as, offer, and of course as, special offer online. Register for British Gas nectar points and receive 100 free nectar points as a welcome gift when you complete the simple registration process at British Gas online. You can earn up to 1800 nectar points each year for existing and new British Gas Duel Fuel customers when you submit quarterly meter readings!! If you live in Scotland then click through the orange link button above to register for Nectar Points as seen at, points and similar Scottish Gas Nectar link at,, plus many Scottish Gas customers have typed into google, points and finally as, online. Hurry and register for free Nectar Points today and take a look at the HomeCare products which attract nectar points too and switch to British Gas web save 10 for money off savings and online discounts to save even more money when you click through the orange link button above!!

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