- British Gas Boiler Service Offer

British Gas offers a wide range of cover options for your boiler and central heating. British Gas offer Homecare from as little as £10.50 a month with the added peace of mind that your boiler will be checked annually by one of British Gas engineers to ensure that your boiler is working safely and efficiently.

British Gas provides energy and services to home and business customers throughout Great Britain and are committed to providing the highest quality workmanship backed up by expert care.

With British Gas Homecare you don’t have to worry about breakdowns or expensive boiler repairs. From as little as £10.50 a month, you will have peace of mind that you can call the British Gas customer helpline day or night and an engineer will be with you as soon as possible. offer, You’ll also have the benefit of an annual boiler service check by one of our engineers to ensure that your boiler is working safely and efficiently.

British Gas Home Care offers a number of benefits :

- Unlimited call outs during the policy year

- Parts and Labour included ( excess may apply )

- Annual Service check of your boiler

- Manned customer breakdown telephone line 24/7

- Over 7,000 highly qualified and Gas Safe Registered ( Formerly CORGI Registered ) Engineers

Simply click through the orange link button below to obtain a British Gas Homecare quote and to apply for a British Gas Home Care policy online!!

28 Responses to “ - British Gas Boiler Service Offer”

  1. P PRITCHARD says:

    Scottish Gas is tempting,as is EON

  2. maureen mitchell says:

    I had my annual service on 18-01-11, and since then I have had 5 reminders to book my annual service ???

  3. Mr.B.Foxen says:

    I have tried for over 30 mins to follow the instructions on the letter I received today regarding boking a 2 hour service slot online.
    My first rejection was the unique ref number i had not been given enough numbers and secondly I could not find a place to insert my post code.
    So obviously I did not get anywhere. The procedure for booking a 2 hour slot sems a bit complicated. I gave up in the end and phoned and had to make do with a half day appointment. What a let down. Every outlet pointed to taking out an online account which I did not wish to do. Can you enlighten me on the procedure for future booking ?

  4. Mrs A Wilcox says:

    On-line booking is too complicated for me. Where do I click to book a 2-hour appointment slot?

  5. D.Fawcett says:

    The log on system is useless. Which of the 15 plus sites do I have to use. Scrap this system or simplify it. It was probably set up by a wiz kid. Has anyone in management tried it out?.

  6. D.Fawcett says:

    I have left a comment but just because it is derogatory you seem to be unwilling to accept it. ( Customer feedback )

  7. Elaine Parkes says:

    Really difficult to get onto site to book appointment. Will not be flexible with times for service, was due to be done beginning of year will be lucky to get suitable appointment in June. Told by phone operator it can be done anytime within the years contract and that there is a 2hr time slot 4-6pm, no there is not! Seems they only work till 4 and school holidays not available, no good then for customers that work in a school. I will be looking for someone else to do service in future.

  8. B.A.Hamper says:

    I have tried to book a 2 hour service slot online but have given up as no such site seems to be available. Come on British Gas get your act together and arrange a simple site ,

  9. boyle says:

    As in other comments above, I have tried to use the service in reply to the Annual Service letter just received. It is unclear which of the various sites is to be used. There seems to be nowhere to enter the ‘unique reference number’. The main option seems to involve opening an on-line account which I do not wish to do. Which prat devised this system? Send him/her back to idiot school and make it simpler and more straight forward. I too will have to ring up and accept a half-day service option. No wonder I chose an alternative gas suplier!

  10. Barrie Freeman says:

    Online booking service absolutely useless. Tried for 3 hours without success so tried the telephone number and was told to call another day as the lines were too busy….I’m not surprised, must be all the people who can’t get through on line

  11. Mrs J Podmore says:

    Had I read the other comments first I would not have bothered to try to use the internet for a boiler service i have wasted time on several days trying to complete your information requirements it appears to be a useless system to me

  12. mrs G John says:

    I have been completely frustrated trying to find the website / stroke booking section why bother telling us there is such a place without clear instructions to find it the web address is not enough. Disgusted Isle of Wight.

  13. P H Scott says:

    The online booking service is absolutely useless as far as I am concerned!! I tried countless times and got nowhere. My UNIQUE reference number was not acceptable. I am only so happy that British do not supply my gas.

  14. Ann Holmes says:

    DOES ANYONE FROM BRITISH GAS READ THESE COMMENTS? If not, they should. Instead of British Gas spending thousands of pounds on dubious advertising, they should be employing someone on MORE THAN the “minimum wage” to set up a user friendly site. What a recommendation, they can’t even allow their customers to contact them effectively (on British Gas’s own instigation), so what confidence does that inspire it’s customers regarding dealing with emergencies etc. I hope the day never dawns when I have to report a GAS ESCAPE online!!!! (now there’s a thought for saving money B.G.)

  15. James Salmons says:

    Have given up on trying to book a 2hr service slot because no such site is available What sort of service do BG call this? Sorry, I am only a customer

  16. A.Tucker says:

    I agree wtth the above comments - I too have wasted a lot of time trying to book a service visit. I get masses of information telling me how wonderful, efficient, and cost-saving B.G. Services are, but this is not borne out in practice. Maybe it’s a case of too many clerks and too few web site programmers. I have no complaint with the Service Technicians if one can overcome the difficulty of getting them !

  17. J M McCulloch says:

    Very clever !!.Simple booking procedure not possible. You have to register online first. BINGO - you then have an on-line account which you probably didn’t want. Very devious, not impressed.

  18. Mr E Pickup says:

    Trying to book a 2hr slot is mind bogling three simple steps you must be joking tried for four hours on and off to book up but gave up and went back to good old BT.

  19. Mr E Pickup says:

    Just Speaking the truth, thats how I Find it mind boggling

  20. A J Rumbold says:

    I am certain that last year I booked my service online without any problems, but agree with others that you have been very sneaky in introducing having to have an online account in order to make a booking. The only British Gas account I have is my Boiler Service, and must now try to make this year’s booking on the telephone. I am not at all impressed!!!!

  21. Mrs Elrick says:

    Why ask people to book an online slot, when there is not a site available to do so. And when i tried to phone in a booking time, i was in a queue for 10 mins and gave up in the end as all the reps were too busy on other calls. What kind of service are you running here BG ??

  22. J Millington says:

    This website is rubbish, cannot book a 2 hour slot for annual service and cannot access online account, BG PLEASE sort this out; look at all the complaints!

  23. Jean Leeks says:

    Rubbish system!! Have been trying for 45 minutes to book gas service on-line following details shown on your letter. It is impossible. Why are you wasting money sending out this information when it clearly does not work. No wonder your costs are so high - problem is - the public ends up paying for your mistakes.

  24. C Bowker says:

    Glad its not just me thats had problems booking two hours!!!! come on BG I am a busy person, as mensioned in your advert. To spend time on the phone when I finally get through and then to spend half a day in waiting for the engineer who is here for an hour at the most.

  25. james campbell-smith says:

    what kind of an organization is this . no one is able to contact you for annual service. looking forward to privatisation after clearing out the misfits

  26. Mike Love says:

    Come on B.G. you’r making obsene money, sort out your servive booking site. As many others have found i’ts a waste of time to try. Pass me the phone someone !!!!

  27. Ian Brereton says:

    Find it impossible to book on line. Tried Phoning but no joy there as well. Probably better service at B & Q. Send for Ann Diamond!!!!!

  28. Granville Stevenson says:

    The only way you can enter the booking a boiler sevice site is to first agree to recieve all your future bills electronicaly.
    By using the phone to book and wanting the service to be done on a Friday i only have to wait 58 days! yes 58 days ?????

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