Switch To M&S Energy - Save Energy & Money Today!

Did you know that you can reduce your carbon footprint with MandSEnergy.com, with electricity generated 100% from environmentally friendly sources! What’s more, you can have MandS supply your gas and save money and receive up to £55 in M&S reward vouchers! Simply click the orange link button below to find out more today!

Marks and Spencer have formed a partnership with Scottish and Southern Electric, SSE, to bring you M&S Energy. You can now receive gas and electricity from environmentally friendly sources stright to your home.  The partnership was formed to offer customers an energy solution that rewards you for helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

It is so easy to switch to M&S Energy and you will be rewarded with up to £55 in M&S Reward Vouchers and receive energy saving tips that will reduce your annual energy use by 10% and save you money. On average a dual fuel customer will save over £100! The prices are very competitive as you would expect and a dedicated team handle the switch from your existing gas and electricity supplier with no disruption in your supply.

You can just sit back and be rewarded for reducing your carbon footprint and saving energy means helping the environment and actually saves you money! You will be rewarded with MandS Reward Vouchers every year you remain a loyal customer and when you go paperless you will rewarded again. The total reward saving in the first year is £55 with further reward vouchers every year you stay with M&S Energy!

Scottish and Southern Electric were chosen by Marks and Spencer because they offer fair and competitive pricing and quality customer support. In addition SSL champion environmental responsibility, working hard to cut carbon emissions and reduce energy use. www.mandsenergy.com, What’s more, they generate more renewable electricity than any other energy company in the UK!

Why not help save the planet and save money into the bargain, just click the orange link button below today!

6 Responses to “Switch To M&S Energy - Save Energy & Money Today!”

  1. T Panchal says:

    I have my account with you but I find that Scottish Power prices can save me £220 per year.
    Please let me know if this is true?

  2. gordon young says:

    Need to see your rates to compare. Where are they?

  3. Peter Davis says:

    Dear M&S Energy
    I am a customer having swopped to your company this year and have recently received your booklet ‘Simple steps to saving energy’. You mention ‘using your lids on saucepans to save energy’. May I suggest that in order to save even more energy and money using a 3-tier saucepan called a steamer thus using only one gas/electricty burner to cook your vegetables ?. I am assured by those who know about cooking ,that is the three women in my family ( I am outnumbered three to one !)that steaming is a good method and food retains more taste if cooked this way. With best wishes, Peter Davis

  4. Brian J F Poole says:

    I am getting a little tired of receiving “hard luck,betterluck next year” letters from M&S Energy, regarding saving 10%+ on my electricity account. The reason I can never do so is that I had already taken all possible steps to save energy before I switched to M&S. How about some M&S rewards for people who maintain a low consumption level year on year? Very good service otherwise.

  5. Sandra Savage says:

    Last year I received my £10 loyalty MandS voucher very late when I enquired what had happened to it. Where is it this year - due on 19th December?

  6. maurice o halloran says:

    why haven’t you published up to date comparison figures to inform us if you are still giving us a good deal

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Did you mean? www.MandSEnergy.com or MandSEnergy.com or perhaps M&Senergy.com also sometimes known as www.M&Senergy.com. It's so simple to switch to M&S Energy and it's simple to save too. You will be helped with ways to save energy and save money and you will be rewarded when you do with up to £55 in reward vouchers in year one and continually rewarded each year with further reward vouchers when you remain a loyal customer. You can do your bit for the environment by switching to Marksandspencerenergy.com also known as Marksandspencersenergy.com and save yourself money too. Help support Marks and Spencer Plan A commitments which aim to reduce carbon emissions in the UK whilst helping people to save money. MandSenergy.co.uk and M&Senergy.co.uk are also offering the same fantastic environmental pledge to reduce energy and carbon emissions from today in partnership with Scottish and Southern Electric. Be part of the change by simply clicking the orange link button above to sign up today and help make a difference.

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