Special Broadband Offers & New Deals

Sky are running a fabulous new promotion called “Sky Thank You”, which offers you the chance to either switch to Sky broadband and talk package or upgrade your broadband connection to the new award winning very quick Sky 10mb or super fast 20mb service. Sky existing customers have voted Sky number 1 in the UK for customer satisfaction and best bundled services provider as verified by Broadband Choices in the 2009 awards!!

As a thank you, Sky are offering you the chance of switching to Sky or upgrading your current sky broadband package to the new superfast Everyday or Unlimited broadband bundle. Simply click through the orange link button below to grab this new Sky deal and get a FREE wireless router worth £50 and FREE evening and weekend landline calls!!

Why not join the Sky broadband revolution and join their satisfied broadband and calls customers for just £5 extra month for up to 10Mb Sky Everyday broadband with a FREE wireless router with Sky Broadband Everyday., You get 10GB of  monthly usage allowance  and when you take out FREE Sky Talk it’s just a fiver a month,(otherwise £10 per month). What’s more, you get  inclusive evening and weekend phone calls to UK landlines with FREE Sky Talk Freetime and if you wish switch to the best value Sky phone line rental for just £11 a month, which is cheaper than BT!!

If you want the best in class Sky wireless broadband, switch or upgrade to Sky Broadband Unlimited offers you truly unlimited monthly downloads with no limits.,  Take their unlimited broadband package with up to 20Mb download speeds, (depending on your location), and it costs you just £10 a month when you take the FREE Sky Talk option, (otherwise it’s £15 pm). Plus you get the FREE wireless router and FREE inclusive evening and weekend telephone landline calls!!

Go faster, do more with Sky Broadband Unlimited, with truly unlimited downloads., For existing Sky customers it’s so easy to upgrade online with no activation fees or set up fees!! This Sky special offer is exclusive to Sky existing customers, so if you’re not with Sky TV join now and get a FREE HD box or FREE Sky+box when you click through the orange link button below!!

It’s so easy to join Sky, whether you have broadband with another internet service provider, (ISP), or even if you have Virgin Media cable broadband. Simply follow the step-by-step guide to get the Sky award-winning service and best bundled services winner as recognised by

If you have digital TV through VirginMedia, BT or Tiscali TV, switch to Sky TV online today and get a FREE HDbox or FREE Sky+box and a £50 Marks and Spencer gift voucher only when you join Sky TV online. The Sky bundled services are the best in the UK with over digital 34 HD channels, about 30 more than any other TV media broadcaster in the UK!!

Hurry, join or upgrade to better Sky broadband for next to nothing a month for the best customer service in the business and/or switch to Sky TV for a FREE Sky+HD box or Sky+ box with these limited time special online offers when you click through the orange link button below today!!

149 Responses to “ Special Broadband Offers & New Deals”

  1. BILLJACKI says:

    I like all others cant wait to receive my FREE connector,but my old Dad did say nothing is free in this life.

  2. Chris Rees says:

    Is this all about selling me something or a thank you for using Sky? I, like the many people leaving comments feel that you only put something on here to tempt us to spend more money when you offer a gift that can’t be got. I’m thinking of going back to Virgin!

  3. M.WOOD20 says:

    20/7/2013 received in the post today a thank you and with the offer of a free on demand connector. HOW DO I GET MINE?

  4. J c c abbott says:

    I have tried 4 times to get the on demand box.What a complete waste of time..I ave also phoned sky twice to be passed around from here and there.I pay over £80 a month I think its time to pack sky in..

  5. Margaret Titchmarsh says:

    It’s nice to get something free from sky but impossible to find where to claim it PLEASE HELP.

  6. Richard Nicoll says:

    cannot seem to get anywhere with claiming on demand connector

  7. Richard Nicoll says:

    I meant

  8. would like to know how to claim free on demand connector with —- does not give any information how to claim.

  9. Ron.Clarke says:

    I have been with Sky for the last 3 years and have now agreed to have Brodband and Talk, I am now looking forward to receiving my equipment and my

  10. Derek Spratt says:

    trying to claim my FREE on demand connector but I see i am not the only person on sky’s merry-go round

  11. James gibson says:

    Along with the other comments made I can’t seem to get on site for free demand connector !!!!!! has anyone actually had one free . ?? Where do you go nothing on site somewhere to claim ???

  12. marion harwood says:

    I have had broadband since April @ how do I get my connecter for DEMAND TV?

  13. pat poole says:

    same comment as all others how the heck do you get free on demand connector. Come on sky help us out.

  14. Sue Evans says:

    Like others I am trying to claim my free on demand connector. Please tell me how I apply for this as there is no info on

  15. JANIS MORGAN says:

    Come on SKY play fair! Total waste of precious time!!

  16. Lorraine says:

    What a total waste of time hope BT can make a go of sports channel and put some pressure on sky to start and treat good customers well and not offering new ones all the deals

  17. christopher cartledge says:

    went onto sky web site and spoke to advisor he opened a link for me to claim my fre on demand conector, it work

  18. carol kingsley says:

    I have tried to claim my free sky on demand with no luck. Telephoned sky and they said this has to be done on line does this offer exist. I have been a customer for 26 years. Help me out and be fair.

  19. Linda says:

    Totally agree with most of comments about claiming FREE on demand connector, Sky have taken up time I can not afford , trying to claim something promised that doesn’t appear to be available!! All they are giving is information about SKy broadband, which for their information, I most definitely won’t consider after being directed to it in such an underhand way!!!

  20. j atkinson says:

    where exactly are you supposed to claim this on demand box

  21. Terry Seymour says:

    Sky’s FREE On demand connector….it’s a con…!! Tried & tried & tried to get one. Like most things with Sky nothing’s straight forward. Really wish I’d stayed with BT… least if they offer something it happens…!!!

  22. Mr James Blenkinship says:

    Please can you send me my free on demand box as it looks like this is a scam to me? You have my address I wait with baited breath. If I do not hear from you soon I will demand my free demand box!!!!

  23. l holyland says:

    how do I get my free Sky demand connecter box offer

  24. Q B BURNELL says:

    Apparently no way to obtain this ‘FREE’ On Demand TV Connector which apparently is only free with a subscription to Sky Broadband and now Sky users are to be charged an additional £1.50 each month for among other unsolicited services, access to Catch Up TV but still no way to collect the FREE connector !!! Seems like another Sky marketing conn. Nothing is for free with Sky.

  25. louie says:

    i have read all the comments ;;so i rang sky up and they said there is a problem with the web site ;;;so if you ring them like i did they will send you one out threw the post free of charge

  26. louie says:

    sorry i should of said that is for the free on demand box

  27. Rose Harman says:

    Has anyone ever received a free on demand box from sky I doubt it. after hanging on the phone for what seemed like ages I gave up.
    hope BT gets more sport on TV then I can do away with sky sport which will save quite a lot.

  28. liz jones says:

    like all the rest how do get “free” connector??!! what a waist of paper if we cant get one!!

  29. john says:

    yes i read all the comments and i agree its a sky stitch up or are they just thick as —-

  30. Maureen Hopwood says:

    I also am disgusted with sky, they offer a free On Demand conector and tell you to go to when you do that there is no information how to claim. when you phone sky they tell you that you must apply on line. Why dont they just send one to everyone in the post.

  31. raymond farrar says:

    I ordered my connector that plugs into my Sky+ box & broadband router about a month ago & has still not arrived. Can you please progress. Thanks

  32. e mcdonald says:

    I pay almost £90 per month for my sky deal.
    I like a million others should be sent all supposed freebies without having to beg for them. Time to review my sky service?

  33. Linda Edwards says:

    I too have been trying to find where to apply for the free on demand connector with no luck. Sky are all too quick to constantly increase monthly rates, supposedly to improve the service. I don’t see any improvements or loyalty to its customers. If I did not receive such a poor tv signal, I would not advise anyone to deal with sky if you want excellent customer service!

  34. sandra stroud says:

    trying to claim my free on demand connector. help!

  35. William Muir says:

    i would like to ask sky do you think we are all stupid , i have been with you lot for at least 15 year paying full package , this is the last straw, i am seriously thinking going bt vision , no free gift yeah thanks .

  36. a.taylor says:

    where is the on demand connector site i have tried but so far unable to find anywhere i can apply it all seems a waste of time and effort

  37. Michael Nordwind says:

    Your free gift of an on demand connector is a ruse. Will be transferring over to Virgin.

  38. J. Bullivant says:

    I am unable to access gift or you as advised by Sky telephone operates on 08842411653. How do I obtain my FREE gift of the On Demand connector?

  39. julia issacs says:

    I agree with all the comments left. Had many problems with sky. Just another promotion to get more money out of me. Am in the process of changing from sky as I am not happy with the monthly increase and for what ??????

  40. David Murray says:

    On demand right, free connector. Its all pie in the SKY me thinks.

  41. Anthony Wilson says:

    Have received notification of free gift Connector box but unable to get through on website. Please advise us how to get this, or are the other comments correct and this is just a gimmick. Please reply.

  42. Gerald Mason says:

    If sky cannot supply the connector, sky should discount this element of the package till they can and not charge for something they are not capable of delivering

  43. carl jensen says:

    I have received the offer for a FREE on Demand connector. I have sky multi room which means I pay for three sky boxes. How can I claim my three connectors for on demand in each room. Many thanks for your help.

  44. tony jane says:

    just another example of the deteriorating sky service and poor attitude to paying customers it looks like freesat at end of my current contract they have had a lot of money out of me over the years and now even more repeats

  45. John Brown says:

    Why bother when I like so many others answer the flyer sent in the post by Sky only to get nowhere.

  46. john hail says:

    why can’t we get virgin fibre broadband here I went to sky when I moved wish i’d stayed at home the broadband is rubbish

  47. Miss A Hassan says:

    I want to claim my free on demand connector

  48. THOMAS PURCELL says:

    Up to now I have been paying £98.72 for sky, then I was offered this free on demand connector. I think there is a better chance of winning the lottery than trying to get one. I am seriously considering changing to another supplier for my TV and phone, unless they tell us how to lay our hands on one.

  49. tracy gillman says:

    i have been with sky for over 20 years i have recently switched from bt as i was promised on demand tv along with everything else but cant seem to be able to get a on demand connector, i signed up for this so they are breaking the agreement, so if no connector then there will be no payment!!!!!

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